Interview: Between Kings

Between Kings guitarist Jordan Coyne sits down with us to talk about their new EP- The Antidote. He also talks about the importance of mental health during our current pandemic, evolving musically and much, much more.

Review and Interview: Fight The Fury with John Cooper

When Skillet’s John Cooper announced his new project, Fight the Fury, fans immediately started talking and the buzz began. Then it was announced fellow Skillet member Seth Morrison would be joining and the anticipation grew immensely. From the very beginning with the teaser the band posted, fans began comparing the band to other metal bands …

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Interview: Constellations

FRR: Alright, if you guys want to go ahead and introduce yourselves? John: You’re the singer Brie: So what? Start, go around! Kira: I’m Kira! Brie: I’m Brie John: John Shea: Shea FRR: This is Constellations. We’re here at The Marquee because you guys are opening up for Authority Zero. How did that come about …

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