Review and Interview: I Am The Storm with Trevor McNevan

When a successful artist or singer branches away from their band and does a solo project, it’s usually because they have music in them that just doesn’t fit the mold of their full-time band and that’s exactly what Thousand Foot Krutch frontman Trevor McNevan’s new project- I AM The Storm is. IATS is a heavy hip hop-based project that shows McNevan going back to his roots. He came up in the hip hop scene and the early TFK records like Set It Off have a rap-rock element on “Supafly” and “Unbelievable” and The End Is Where We Begin saw the band slowly experimenting with those aspects again, so IATS is certainly a throwback for McNevan. Songs like “Beastmode” and “Man vs. Machine” show McNevan not just rapping but spitting faster than some of the big name players in today’s rap game and show that the man has real skills that he’s been holding in for decades; it’s insane. “These Lines” is a slower hip hop track that’s a very focused and chill-worthy song that you’ll zone out with and is a smooth, hypnotizing track where McNevan’s impressive rap vocals mold perfectly with the soothing instrumentals. Then there’s “Home,” which is one that really stands out from the rest of the pack. It’s an acoustic masterpiece that’s just purely addicting and you’ll be listening to over and over again. McNevan has always written outstanding ballads and this one is no exception. In the end, this is exactly what a side project is meant to be for and McNevan has nailed it and knocked it out of the park. This is some of his best work and the songs are unforgettable. Rating: 10/10 McNevan recently sat down with The Front Row Report to discuss the origins and putting together of I Am The Storm as well as the future of TFK: -Reggie Edwards