Review and Interview: Fight The Fury with John Cooper

When Skillet’s John Cooper announced his new project, Fight the Fury, fans immediately started talking and the buzz began. Then it was announced fellow Skillet member Seth Morrison would be joining and the anticipation grew immensely. From the very beginning with the teaser the band posted, fans began comparing the band to other metal bands but, when you sit down with Still Breathing, it’s tough to really compare it to anything else- mainly because there are so many different styles packed into the five-song EP and it’s a truly beautiful piece of art. Consisting of Cooper on vocals and bass, Morrison and John Panzer III on guitar Jared Ward on drums, there are elements you can compare to Slipknot, Collide-era Skillet, Powerman5000 and more and the band operates with complete cohesiveness to a point where you can almost feel the chemistry between the four. “My Demons” gets the record going quick and gets straight to the point. With lyrics like “I hope you’re happy wherever you are because you’re the reason I’m afraid of the dark” show vulnerability and emotion that makes the song easy to relate to and it’s just the beginning. “Dominate Me” and “Still Burning” speed it up and are metal dance extravaganzas that bury themselves deep inside your soul and warm you up while making you want to go insane at the same time. “I Cannot” slows it down in a few ways but keeps the intensity going before “Lose Hold Of It All” closes the album on a devastating note that encapsulates everything Still Breathing is all about. In the end, this is record that lives up to everything we were promised. With Cooper and Morrison involved, it’s going to have a natural Skillet-vibe but goes in multiple different directions too. Lyrically, we see the band opening up their souls and showing every emotion they have and it’s an honest album. Rating: 10/10 John Cooper recently sat down with The Front Row Report to talk everything Fight The Fury as well as the future of Skillet: -Reggie Edwards