Winery Dogs enter into co-publishing agreement with Round Hill Music

Round Hill Music has entered into a co-publishing agreement with The Winery Dogs for their latest album, Hot Streak, the supercharged follow-up to the self-titled rabidly rocking 2013 debut of the three-piece musical dynamo.  Comprised of Mike Portnoy, Billy Sheehan, and Richie Kotzen, all three members have had success with other bands. Guitarist Richie Kotzen is known for performing with the band Poison and Mr. Big, while bassist Billy Sheehan made a name for himself playing with Steve Vai, David Lee Roth, Talas, and Mr. Big, and drummer Mike Portnoy rocked out as part of Dream Theater, Avenged Sevenfold, and the Adrenaline Mob.  Hot Streak, released in October of 2015, landed on Billboard’s Modern Rock Albums at #2, the US Billboard Top 200 at #30, and Billboard’s Top Albums, Japan at #20. They are currently finishing their European tour, with dates in South America and Japan announced for the spring.  A full US tour is scheduled for this summer.
“The Winery Dogs have emerged as the hottest hard rock act in many years.  The band members are all virtuoso rock stars with strong fan bases of their own.  Round Hill is excited to have them on our roster.  We look forward to adding creative value to these songs.” 
– Josh Gruss, CEO, Round Hill Music
Hot Streak shows the powerfully pedigreed trio’s initial burst of collective chemistry was no accident, from the sturm und headbang of “Captain Love”, to the propulsive, uplifting vibe of “The Bridge”, to the introspective acoustic harmonic convergence of “Fire.”  If these three Dogs thought they captured lightning in a supper dish the first time around, Hot Streak ups the aural ante into exciting new territory.
On Hot Streak, The Winery Dogs have found themselves sniffing around outside their comfort zone to expand their musical horizons while staying true to their power-trio roots, as songs like the subtle whirling dervish “Spiral”, and the aforementioned “Fire”, easily attest.  The album’s funky, hard-driving title track is fine evidence of such growth.

\”The Winery Dogs and I are very excited about entering this new adventure with Round Hill Music! Josh Gruss is a huge fan and supporter of rock music, and The Winery Dogs are very excited for the prospect of working with this energetic new company!\” 
-Tim Heyne, Manager, The Winery Dogs