Video: \’68 Release Two Mini-Docum​entaries

What genre is this?” That’s the question ’68 instigator Josh Scogin ponders on in the first of two documentaries which examine the world of the duo. It’s a pertinent question as their debut full-length straddles so many different types of sound that you could argue it’s a quandary with no resolution. The two videos provide a glimpse into the workings of the band and their beginnings. ’68 will be bringing their show on the road to Europe in August.The Atlanta area duo have released their debut LP, In Humor and Sadness via eOne Music / Good Fight Music today. The album demonstrates the loud beauty of alarming simplicity. A guy bashing his drums, another dude wielding a guitar like a percussive, blunt weapon while howling into a mic somehow manages to sound bigger and brasher than the computerized bombast of every six-piece metal band. A splash of roots, a soulful yearning for mid century Americana and the fiery passion of post punk ferocity rampages over a record of earnestly forceful tracks like a runaway locomotive. In Humor and Sadness has garnered its fare share of critical acclaim. Alternative Press recently stated: \”Listening to ’68 is like watching a magic show put on by patients in a sanitarium. You know how the dangerous illusions are supposed to work, but that’s not going to stop you from watching and wondering what the hell is gonna happen next.\” \’68 is out on the road right now with friends in Listener, click here for all tour dates.
1. Track One 2. Track Two 3. Track Three 4. Track Four 5. Track Five 6. Track Six 7. Track Seven 8. Track Eight 9. Track Nine 10. Track Ten