Theory of a Deadman – The Truth is…


by: Reggie Edwards

When buying a Theory of a Deadman album, a few things can be expected- solid rock-based guitars and often-ironic lyrics that bring out a laugh and are about having bad luck.

Theory of a Deadman’s last record, “Scars and Souvenirs,” rocketed to the top of the charts with the hits “Bad Girlfriend” and “Hate My Life”

Their new record, the highly-anticipated “The Truth Is…” takes the concepts from “Scars and Souvenirs” and expands on them, showing how Theory of a Deadman have matured as artists.

The lead single, “Lowlife,” was released in May and almost immediately blew up on radio stations nationwide. Though “Lowlife” serves to be super catchy [much like “Bad Girlfriend” from “Scars and Sourvenirs”] it is by-far not the best track on the album.

The second single, “Out of My Head” is an outstanding ballad and quite possibly the strong point of the record and should be the biggest hit the Canadian rockers will have had to date when all is said and done with this record.

The comical point of “The Truth Is…” comes with the title track, “The Truth Is…I Lied About Everything.” The song is a bit of a response song written to a girl who lied to singer Tyler Connolly about virtually everything in their relationship so he tells her that he lied to her about everything. Even things as little as her being attractive or that she was skinny.

It is almost impossible to listen to the song in its entirety without laughing.

Even though “The Truth Is…” is packed with songs which are good and catchy, Theory of a Deadman has accomplished what they have always seemed to do, which is producing a radio-rock album with ironic lyrics that are not deep or intelligent and only encourage people to be content where they are, rather than trying to better themselves.

Rating: 6/10