The Merciles Book of Metal Lists review

\"The by Reggie Edwards The Merciless Book of Metal Lists may just be the best metal book ever written. Loaded with lists that you would both expect and never even think of, this book has something for everyone. Everything from the best guitarists, vocalists, drummers and bassists to the top 10 reasons why Dave Mustaine probably declined to participate in the book, The Merciless Book of Metal Lists doesn’t leave a single metal stone unturned. This book has some of the most entertaining lists imaginable- “The Very BEST qualities of Metallica’s Load/Reload albums,” which is, I kid you not, a two page spread of absolutely nothing- blank white space, with “nuff said” at the bottom of page two, “The 25 most fucked up song titles by Cannibal Corpse,” “Top 10 Reasons Why EVERYONE loves Slayer’s Reign in Blood,” and “15 album covers featuring goats,” this book is VERY informative, opinionated and entertaining. One of my personal favorites is the “Rob Halford’s lyrics re-examined,” where we take a look at some of Judas Priest and Rob Halford’s lyrics now that the man is openly gay. On most of the lists, authors Howie Abrams and Sacha Jenkins have it completely correct, with Black Sabbath ranking at the top on virtually everything possible. Jenkins and Abrams make sure to point out in the very beginning, “As far as we’re concerned—and we believe we speak for any hard-core fan—Heavy Metal officially began with the mighty Black Sabbath. When they unleashed their self-titled debut in 1970, EVERYTHING changed!” There’s excerpts from numerous big dogs in the industry, including Kerry King, Scott Ian, Philip Anselmo, John Gallagher of Raven and Brian Slagel of Metal Blade Records. Set for release today (April 9), if you’re a metalhead, you better make sure you pick up this book. You may not agree with everything, but it’s a quick read and you’ll be into it the entire time. As the authors say, “we now set before you OUR truths. The things we believe in our hearts to be factual in regard to all aspects of OUR beloved Metal. Agree, disagree; send us death threats. We couldn’t care less, because we are certain that any REAL Metalhead will agree with us. Of course, you’re entitled to your opinion, but if your opinion happens to differ from ours, YOU’RE WRONG! None of these lists were assembled with the intention of hurting anyone’s feelings, but we anticipate some tears being shed should your favorite band become a target. Get over it, don’t take life so seriously, and KILL POSERS!” Book Rating: 10 devil horns/10 devil horns