Stryper- Second Coming review

\"Stryper- by Reggie Edwards Legendary Christian rockers Stryper are back with another album that exudes excellence. Second Coming, set to release March 26 on Frontiers Records, is a record loaded with re-recorded renditions of some of the iconic band’s biggest hits and crowd favorites. And what better name for an album of re-recorded songs from the first major Christian metal band than Second Coming, it just makes sense. With this album being their Frontiers Records debut and produced by frontman Michael Sweet, there may be no better way to debut on a new label than to start fresh with where the band began. Among the revamped classics are “Sing Along Song,” “Loud N Clear,” “Makes Me Wanna Sing,” “Soldiers Under Command” and, of course, “To Hell with the Devil,” among others, making 14 total re-polished tunes. You’ve gotta hand it to Stryper- they still got it. In fact, much like fine wine, it’s like they’ve gotten better over time. These new versions of the classics almost sound better than the originals. There’s a few differences the familiar fans will pick up on like the ravishing guitar intro to “Sing Along Song” and the seducing riffs to kick off “Loud and Clear” that give these songs a beautiful bludgeoning punch you almost didn’t see coming…but you should have- it’s Stryper. Then there’s the two new tracks- “Blackened” and “Bleeding From Inside Out,” which show Stryper not only still has the lyricism down pat but that they can also write new material which takes on classic Stryper sound but is also right in line with today’s rock and metal scene. After listening to Second Coming, it’s clear The Yellow and Black Attack is back for another fight. Rating: 9.5/10