Ryan Kralik releases first two singles for upcoming Crazytown album

\"\" by Reggie Edwards Ryan Kralik is set and primed to release his upcoming sixth studio album, Crazytown, and in preparation of the release, Kralik has released two singles- “Paved Way” and the title track, “Such a Crazy Town (and it’s everywhere).” There’s been a considerable amount of buzz about this release, which intrigued me from the start. Then I gave the two singles a fair listen and I have come to my conclusion- go get this record when it releases in December. Did I mention this record features Dave Krussen of Pearl Jam and Rick Rosas of Neil Young? Anything featuring such a vast array of musical variety is worth checking out in my book. Kralik has the sound of a Kings of Leon-esque musical repertoire. This music has a message and will keep you interested until the end of it. Granted it’s definitely different from the type of stuff I would normally listen to, but this is some good stuff. Kralik’s voice mixed with his undeniable playing talent will hypnotize you and leave you intoxicated. This is definitely one worth picking up.