Review: Music Frozen Dancing Festival

Chicago landmark and indie music staple, Empty Bottle, recently kicked off the Windy City\’s street festival season by hosting the annual February bash, Music Frozen Dancing Festival. The fine folks over at Empty Bottle, with the help of iconic Chicago brewery, Goose Island, managed to put together another one of a kind line-up for the 2016 edition ft. Black Lips (Atlanta, GA), The Spits (Parts Unknown)Meat Wave (Chicago) & Muuy Biien (Athens, GA). Oddly enough, just days prior to the festival, Chicago did its best bob & weave to fight off the standard late winter snow storm. In typical Midwest fashion, festival day was a balmy 58\’. Needless to say, the Chicago natives came out in droves, all the while, flipping the bird to Mother Nature for trying to throw a wrench into the gloriousness that is Music Frozen Dancing! See out photo coverage below… ****Unfortunately, after several pints of Goose Island\’s finest hoppy beverages, nature called (AGAIN) and coupled with a large, ravenous and drunk crowd, photos were unattainable for Black Lips.****    [lg_slideshow folder=\”Frozen Friendly Dancing Festival/The Spits/\”][lg_slideshow folder=\”Frozen Friendly Dancing Festival/Meat Wave/\”][lg_slideshow folder=\”Frozen Friendly Dancing Festival/Muuy Biien/\”]