Review: Lou Brutus- Sonic Warrior: My Life As A Rock And Roll Reprobate

Music fans always want to know what it’s like backstage and on tour- as music journalists, that’s one of the biggest questions we get. 

As a music journalist who interviews bands and goes to concerts all the time, I constantly get asked what it’s like backstage, among other questions and Lou Brutus’ new book- Sonic Warrior: My Life As A Rock And Roll Reprobate is one that any rock fan needs to read immediately. 

One thing that must be said about Brutus with Sonic Warrior is that he does an amazing job at not throwing anyone under the bus and speaking well about everyone he mentions- even in the stressful situations- and that’s the first lesson you’re taught about music journalism- treat everyone with respect. 

Brutus tells some of the funniest stories you’ll hear- not just about rock journalism- just in general. From accidentally smoking weed with Snoop Dogg to introducing Motley Crue onstage at a show to his experiences at Live Aid to College Football Punk Rock to a tour of the White House and also ending up on CSPAN.  

Brutus is hilarious and just plain fun with Sonic Temple. He’s also humble, making sure to give credit where credit is due and also makes sure not to throw anyone under the bus or to show anyone in a bad light. 

While reading Sonic Warrior, you can literally hear Brutus’ voice reading back to you and it’s one of the funnest reads you’ll have in a long time. 

Rating: 10/10

-Reggie Edwards