Review: Lacey Sturm- Impossible

It\’s been a few years since we last heard from Lacey Sturm on her final Flyleaf record. She\’s finally back after a near-four-year hiatus with a new solo project and the first single will blow fans away. Aside from a guest spot on We As Human\’s “Take The Bullets Away,” Sturm has kept to herself but “Impossible” is Sturm\’s comeback single and it\’s one to be proud of. Whether you\’re a fan of her heavier material or the more beautiful tracks that showcase her voice, this is a song where fans of both sides can find something to love. She doesn\’t hold back with the lyrical themes on “Impossible” and it\’s no different from past songs she\’s written- she\’s always brought the heat when she writes music and her new music is just that- it\’s hot. This is Sturm at her absolute best and it\’s one of the most personal songs she\’s written in her career and that\’s the best way for her to make a comeback- with something that hits home, both with herself and with her fans. It\’s clear her faith hasn\’t weakened one bit and has gotten stronger since she\’s been gone. Any fan of Sturm as a lyricist, singer or human being will take something away from listening to “Impossible” and if this is any sign of what\’s to come, we\’re all in for one hell of a ride. Rating: 9/10 -Reggie Edwards