Red\’s Anthony Armstrong talks Release the Panic

\"Red  by Reggie Edwards On February 5, Christian rock band Red unleashed their fourth studio album, Release the Panic, to stellar reviews from critics and an overwhelming positive repsonse from their fanbase. Debuting at no. 7 on the Billboard charts and hardly a single negative review coming from the media, it\’s safe to say Release the Panic has been Red\’s most successful album to-date. Red went in a different musical direction on their previous three releases, and guitarist Anthony Armstrong agrees, saying they didn\’t want to release the same album again like they have in the past. \”When fans first heard the new music, they panicked a little bit,\” Armstrong says, \”which is kinda funny since that\’s exactly what this new album is all about.\” Release the Panic features some of Red\’s most honest, darkest and emotional songs they\’ve ever recorded and written, including \”Same Disease,\”  \”Perfect Life,\” and \”Damage,\” which Armstrong describes as the band\’s favorite track of the album. Armstrong also talked about their current tour with Winter Jam featuring Tobymac and others, the meaning behind some of the songs on the album and their upcoming summer festival season including Rock on the Range. The entire interview with Armstrong can be heard in its entirety below: Red interview