Razablade Real- Deathproof Vol. 1: Underground

I recently listened to eathproof Vol. 1: Underground by Razablade Real, a very talented independent artist. It may just be because I’m a big underground music fan or because I have great perception of what’s good and what’s not but I was blown away. \"\" My girlfriend introduced me his music and I knew I had to do a piece on it. I knew I had to get the word out on this guy. So I listened to the rest of his songs and I was proven right that he is more than worthy of publicity. If it wasn’t true I wouldn’t write about him. Songs like “Deadly Sound” get their base around Juggalo pride. If you’re a juggalo you have to check the song out. The song describes how proud we juggalos are of who we are and how all the people that judge us don’t matter. Needless to say it’s a great self-esteem booster. The song “Death before Dishonor” speaks of all the people who say they are friends with you but stab you in the back and how he will not be like that because he is too real to be fake. This was a big favorite of mine because I believe that everybody has experienced this in their lives and will probably continue to experience it. Definitely a song to take to heart because it is true, if you are truthful to those you say you are, then you will be more respected than a backstabber. And nobody likes a backstabber. he song “Drinks on me” is more of a party-based song. With a techno-sounding beat mixed with hip-hop with rap lyrics it is a song that if played mainstream has the potential to be played in many clubs across the country. Needless to say it is a great drinking song. The song “Open Ya Eyes” is a song about the world around him and how he keeps his eyes open to everything and learns from it. Saying that if you keep your mind open then you will be more perceptive to everything and increase your knowledge. This is the theme of almost the entire album, making it a must-listen. Rating: 8/10