Local Pop Punk rocks Tempe\’s Marquee

The local music scene is Arizona has always been strong, but on Friday night, December 9, it proved itself to be a force to be reckoned with. The Marquee theater in Tempe Arizona hosted a night of pop punk and rock that shook up the city. Hard-cutting beats paired with spectacular vocals is the formula for a night of success. The Marquee had it all. The night featured a great selection of bands, including Constellation, Good Boy Daisy, and Baseline.

The standing only, open pit was filled with an odd mix; ranging in age from the angsty teen to a few returning to the rock and roll of their youth. The audience was approximately 150 strong, growing to about 200 by the end of the night.

Constellation kicked off the night with a sleek sound to match lead singer, Brie Ritter’s hair. The music was a mix of covers and original works, including their brand new song “Trap Door.” This concert was actually their first time playing the new track for an audience. Needless to say, the audience loved it.

At the beginning of the set, the band remained mostly stationary, tethered to their mic stands. However, as the night went on, they proved they weren’t afraid to throw their hair back. The drummer Shea Moore actually lost his hat he went so hard. Though the most impressive loss was when lead guitarist John Bacino\’s strap broke. He powered through and played 90% of the song without one! They closed their set with “backburner,” but we certainly won’t be putting them on the backburner. Constellation is stepping into the light of the Arizona music scene.

Following a quick intermission and a hilarious soundcheck, Good Boy Daisy took the stage dressed all in a fashionable black to match their classic punk sound. They wasted no time, jumping straight into the set with their song “It’s About Time.” In fact, they played almost exclusively their own music. Hardcore fans turned out for the show, singing along to every song and screaming bloody mary when a newer one was played.

Lead singer Hallie did an excellent job connecting with the fans, talking to them and using her incredible voice to its extent. It didn\’t take long for the entire band to be jamming around the stage, headbanging and prancing around. However, their lack of interaction with each other left something to be desired visually. The sound itself was wonderful, but the show was not up to par. They proved to be musicians, but not quite performers– excuseable, considering their oldest member is 17. That is, until the last two songs. Once they got their adrenaline pumping, the roar of the music coursing through their veins, Good Boy Daisy blossomed into a real pop punk band that just might take over the local scene.

Backup Baseline was up next, and it seems they saved the best for last. They can only be described as roots rock with an edge. They had the country boy aesthetic mixed with the black leather of rock and roll. This was their first show since their initial EP release show, and everything they played was off of it. You could tell the music meant everything to these boys. Every chord, beat, and lyric had a purpose. Nothing unnecessary or useless was thrown in. A crowd of head bobbers surged to the front, with the occasional one-chorus mini mosh.

Overall the evening was a wonderful night packed with local rhythm and future rock stars. While the bands aren’t quite star material yet, the potential was almost palpable. I can\’t wait to be able to say I knew these bands when they were small.

-Samantha Morse