Live: Obituary and Exmortus in Baltimore

Obituary and Exmortus recently teamed up for a late summer North American tour and we were able to catch the tour at Baltimore Soundstage in Baltimore Md. The venue decided to break their typical metal show mold and remove the barricade in front of the stage for the show, getting fans up close and personal and giving the night a very old school and underground vibe. This show also featured Red Death and local favorites Bound by the Grave. Bound by the Grave opened the night with an absolutely killer set. Still promoting their 2017 release Abuse of the Flesh they played a good selection of old and new. The crowd definitely came out to show their support for these guys tonight and it was awesome. Red Death brings a raw power to the stage that is hard to find in metal bands these days. With hard hitting riffs and in your face vocals their set was a perfect fit for this show. Between the circle pits and mosh pits the crowd never stopped moving. This band is keeping the old school metal sound alive and fans couldn’t get enough. Exmortus is one of my personal favorite bands to see live. The guys are so engaged with the crowd and are totally mesmerizing when they play. They also do a few pretty impressive guitar tricks that the crowd goes wild for including playing each other’s guitars while holding them behind their backs. Their set consisted of songs off of their most recent release The Sound of Steel such as “Make Haste” and crowd favorite “Feast of Flesh.” Finally it was time for Obituary. After the band gets through a short instrumental opening frontman John Tardy took the stage and the crowd erupted. The entire set was full of non-stop energy and a whole lot of head banging. They went on to play “A Lesson in Vengeance,” “Threatening Skies” and “Slowly We Rot.” While the set was long that didn’t slow down their fans one bit. Obituary is still kicking ass show after show proving why they have been a staple in the metal community for years and still will be years from now. -Tera Ford Red Death Exmortus Obituary