Live: Lydia Can\’t Breathe and City of the Weak in Indianapolis

What better name for a post-pandemic tour than We’re All Sick Now. Granted, “Sick Now” is actually the name of the latest single from Lydia Can’t Breathe but they knocked it out of the park with naming the tour that recently hit Indy’s Black Circle venue with support from City Of The Weak and Indy’s own Set The Bar. 

The best thing about this show was how eclectic the bill was. When all the bands sound the same, it gets boring- not this time, though. Set The Bar opened things up with a visceral hardcore set that made the hardcore gods smile down on Black Circle and everyone inside. The crowd at that point was heavily into it and moshing around the room like a pack of rabid wolves; Set The Bar was easily a crowd favorite. 

City Of The Weak took over next with a set that a lot of people in the crowd had either been waiting years to see or were back for a return show from last year’s COTW set and they weren’t disappointed. Singer Stef With an F worked the crowd like a puppet and commanded the stage to perfection and the fans ate up every second of it. 

When they ripped into a two-punch cover combo of Black Sabbath’s “War Pigs” and Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love” for the knockout before finishing them off. If fans hadn’t seen City of the Weak before this show, they were fans well before the set was over.

Closing out the night were Lydia Can’t Breathe, who were even more different than the last two and amped the energy up even more. Their set was well-balanced, sprinkling in ballads like “Wasted” and joking with the crowd in between songs. 

There’s been a lot of music released since the start of the pandemic and Lydia Can’t Breathe played it all- “Sick Now,” “Sheep” and everything, making sure fans got every ounce of their money’s worth and they definitely did. 

In today’s world, it can be hard to convince fans to come out for a smaller-level show but those are sometimes the ones that are the most fun and have some of the most underrated, unappreciated bands. You never know who’s gonna be the next big name in rock and both Lydia Can’t Breathe and City of the Weak could easily be that band- so do yourself a favor and get out to a show on this tour and be glad live music is finally fucking back. 

-Reggie Edwards