Live: Kingdom Collapse in Indy

It’s not often that a rock band emerges and just takes off but when it happens, it’s something special and there’s no denying them. Kingdom Collapse are one of those bands right now and they recently hit Indy’s Emerson Theatre with Hinder and Framing Hanley, proving why they’re a force to be reckoned with.  They played a short, six-song set but you wouldn’t have noticed it was so short. They ripped right away into a few tracks fans weren’t super familiar with but still loved before taking a moment to talk to the crowd. Singer Jonathan Norris took time to thank fans for helping them gain the popularity they have and mentioned how much Sirius XM Octane has really put them on the map.  They packed in as much as they could into the time they had and made sure to get up close with the fans, who were right up against the stage due to the lack of a barricade. The band fist bumped, high-fived and interacted with the crowd in every way possible before ending the set with hits “Break Free,” “Save Me From Myself” and “Unbreakable.” It wasn’t over there, though, with the band members finding their way into the front row to rock out with the fans during headliner Hinder’s set, reminding the fans that you’re never too big to still be a fan.  In the end, Kingdom Collapse may have been the first of the three national acts on the show, but they stole the show in every way possible. They’re quickly becoming a powerhouse and they proved exactly why in Indianapolis.  -Reggie Edwards