Lecrae, Andy Mineo and DJ Promote move Indy\’s Murat Theatre

Lecrae is by far the biggest name in Christian rap today. His latest record, Anomaly, debuted at no. 1 on the Billboard 200 charts and that was on top of a Grammy Award and an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. After all of this, he’s taken the message to the road on The Anomaly Tour with support from Andy Mineo and DJ Promote and the tour made a recent pit stop at Indianapolis’ Murat Theatre for a sold out show on Halloween night. DJ Promote kicked things off with a set so high-energy that the crowd made their way into the aisles to dance, jump, and bounce, getting involved with the show in every way possible. The crowd was moving so much the balcony actually moved. Now that’s an opening set. [lg_slideshow folder=\”2014/Lecrae Anomaly Tour/DJ Promote/\”] Soon after, Andy Mineo took the stage. Mineo was on The Roadshow tour earlier this year so a lot of fans who didn’t know who he was before, became instant fans and many of them came out to the show in Indy because they saw him on that tour. He’s one of the fastest-rising names in Christian rap and he takes the “white rapper” stereotype and shatters it. This guy is good. He’s a student of the game and a master behind the mic. Mineo didn’t take long getting the crowd amped up. Running all around the stage, getting every side of the crowd involved in the show. He had a backpack full of Halloween candy and spend a lot of the set throwing candy out to the fans in between songs and during them too. If you want a name to watch, Andy Mineo is that name and that guy. [lg_slideshow folder=\”2014/Lecrae Anomaly Tour/Andy Mineo/\”] Not long after Mineo finished up it was time for Lecrae to take the stage and finish off the sold out crowd. Lecrae didn’t just give a performance and put on a rap show, he took the fans on a journey. The show opened with Lecrae sitting in a giant white chair on the side of the stage, rapping about the early days of his life while videos played on the giant LED screen behind him, playing out the story of his life. Throughout the night, movie clips would play that tied in with each song that were related to his life. You literally saw Lecrae go from the streets to getting saved. As always, he was on the top of his game and one of the most energetic performers in all of music. Not many Christian artists take time to witness and evangelize during a show but Lecrae did that and more. It was time to testify and Lecrae did exactly that. Since Anomaly debuted at the top of the overall Billboard charts, Lecrae has a lot of fans now that are not Christians so he did a great job at seizing the opportunity to show the world what God has done in his life and how he’s been transformed to the man he is today. He did this, though, in such a way that it didn’t alienate or turn off anyone who doesn’t want to hear it. Just like DJ Promote and Andy Mineo did, Lecrae had the crowd moving so much that the balcony and floor were literally moving. This concert wasn’t just a concert- it was a testimony, journey and celebration of second chances. If you have a chance to see Lecrae on this tour, don’t walk- run to the show because it could very well be one of the best experiences and the most fun you have all year. -Reggie Edwards [lg_slideshow folder=\”2014/Lecrae Anomaly Tour/Lecrae/\”]