Ionia: Postcards From The Edge review

Ionia have been making a name for themselves over the last few years and their latest EP, Postcards from the Edge is finally out and is set to take them to the next level. Short but sweet, this is one of the stronger releases of their career. Opening with “I Hate Long, Pretentious Titles And I\’m a Hypocrite,” Ionia is off to a strong start with an almost-anthemic song that will get your attention and has just enough electronics to keep it fresh.Idea\’ is another anthemic song that\’s gonna be a quick fan favorite. This one is perfect for a live show and it almost makes you wonder if they wrote it that way. “Idea” is a catchy, sing along that will get stuck in your head for hours at a time. It\’s peaceful and haunting yet powerful at the same time and the message is perfect for Ionia.We Shall Overcome” kicks it back into overdrive while “Spitting In The Eyes of Defeat” and “Bitter finish the EP off strong with a slow and trippy tone that will suck you right in, so strong that you\’ll start the EP over again without even realizing it. With Postcards From The Edge, Ionia focus just as much on the lyrics as they do the music itself. Their message is strong as ever on this one and it\’s clear they want to get something across to the fans. Musically, this is one of the most mature offerings from Ionia yet and they definitely go in a few different directions, which works wonders for them. Rating: 9/10 -Reggie Edwards