IN HEARTS WAKE Debut \”Dystopia\” Music Video/Single; Announce Eco-conscious Limited-Edition Vinyl Pre-order

IN HEARTS WAKE have just released a fourth single, \”Dystopia,\” from their upcoming entirely carbon-offset album KALIYUGA, due out August 7 via UNFD. \”Dystopia\”–as seen below– takes a new musical approach for the band, with compelling drive, progression and layered melodic intricacy. The track, like the album, is inspired by the \’Four Ages of Humanity.\’
\”\’Dystopia\’ speaks of the fourth cycle and present age of the world known in Hinduism as \’Kaliyuga,\’\” explains vocalist JAKE TAYLOR. \”\’Kaliyuga\’ is often referred to as the dark age due to the predominate traits of discord, disconnection, destruction, materialism, oppression, cruelty and fear. We look for the cause to cast the blame, but humanity need only look at itself in the mirror. It is time for us to face and overcome the issues and challenges that currently threaten all life on Earth.\”
\”Dystopia\” offers a way forward by encouraging listeners to question and see through the deadening status quo while providing inspiration to believe that our capability to grow and change the way we live on earth and with each other is limitless. The video for \”Dystopia\” takes the viewer through the different age cycles and acknowledges the challenges before us. Watch it below or HERE.
KALIYUGA is a ruthless scrutiny of self and the social and eco injustices and abuse at play today. The power and purpose of the record is evident in every facet of its making. IN HEARTS WAKE measured each power socket, light bulb, pound of freight, travel and food consumed during the recording process to find the total carbon footprint came to 26.37 tonnes of CO2e. This has been entirely offset through the purchase of carbon credits in the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor of Western Australia. The album will also be packaged and manufactured plastic free, using recycled materials.
Vinyl copies of the album have been pressed on calcium based eco-plastic with recycled and eco-friendly packaging, coming in four different variants (molten, ash, flame and ignite). Having sold through most vinyl options globally within hours, today the band release a fifth \’smoke\’ variation. This white \’smoke\’ variant was set aside for an exclusive tour release but due to COVID-19 halting all tour plans for now, it has been made available. These are high demand products and will sell through quickly. Pre-order via the UNFD store here.
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