Holly Spears- Heartache to Hope

by Reggie Edwards Holly Spears’ debut full-length, Heartache to Hope, is just that- an album filled with songs about heartache turned to\"\" hope. This is a record that was obviously an emotional one for Spears to write and record and those, to me, are the best ones, when you can tell the artist poured their heart and soul into it. That’s what a true artist does and that’s what true music is. Songs like the opener, “Just another Love Song” will get you moving and then songs like “Hard to Carry” will have you on the verge of tears with how personal she gets. Heartache to Hope has something for everyone on the musical side. There’s rock, jazz, pop, blues and more. If you have any appreciation for personal and emotional music that exudes hope and is all about coming through hard times and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, go pick up this album when it officially releases on April 3. Do it!!! Rating: 9/10