Dont Wake Aislin


by: Reggie Edwards

Dallas, Texas- based rock band Don’t Wake Aislin started when singer Deena Jakoub and guitarist Brandon Brown were in college and Brown was looking for a female singer to front his band.

They got together and Don’t Wake Aislin was born.
Now composed of Jakoub and Brown along with Kalen Orr (guitars), Jordan Landers (bass) and Guerin Williams (drums), they have released three albums, the third of which is self-titled and was released in July.
Orr and Jakoub recently sat down with us to talk about their latest record.
The subject of many questions over the years, the two said, the name, “Don’t Wake Aislin” has a very deep meaning.
Aislin, which has celtic and gaelic roots, Jakoub said, means “dream,” so the name “Don’t Wake Aislin” means don’t wake the dream or don’t wake up from the dream.
“People always ask us ‘who is Aislin and why shouldn’t you wake her?’” Jakoub said. “We wanted this album to tell her story.”
That’s exactly what their latest release does. Each song of the five-track album tells of a different aspect of Aislin.
Recently in their performances, Jakoub says they have started to tell Aislin’s story during their set, making for a poetic rock spectacle.
One of Don’t Wake Aislins’ most memorable performances, Orr and Jakoub say was their CD Release Show in July.
The band battled electrical and power issues for most of the night but said the crowd was overwhelmingly amazing.
Jakoub says on one song the power quit working in the middle of the song and the crowd was so loud in singing along with them that it was overwhelming and just at the right time, the power came back, making it seem planned and giving the worship experience of a lifetime.
With three albums under their belt and still very early in their careers, there are virtually no limits and no end to where Don’t Wake Aislin can go. Fans of poetry and Christian rock should definitely be keeping an eye on them.