Cavalera Conspiracy signs with Napalm Records

Napalm Records are honored to announce the signing of CAVALERA CONSPIRACY.  The Thrash Metal outfit, who released the critically acclaimed and universally praised albums \”Inflikted\” & \”Blunt Force Trauma,\” have signed a worldwide record deal with the Austrian based label.  The band revolving around the legendary brothers Max and Igor Cavalera is currently working on their still untitled third studio effort.  Metal fans can expect another ground breaking and innovative record that will shake the foundations of the music scene! \”I am so excited that CAVALERA CONSPIRACY has signed with Napalm Records.  This is gonna be our third album and it\’s going to be a brutal grind-core style.  I am already working on the riffs, and it is going to come out next year.  Get ready to be brutalized by CAVALERA CONSPIRACYand Napalm Records!\” – MAX \”I am very excited to record the new CC record…Me and Max have been planning this for a while, and all I can say is that it will be a \”Brutal\” record.  Also I\’m super proud to join Napalm Records, home of lots of amazing artists.\” – IGOR Stay tuned for more updates with regard to the highly anticipated follow-up to \”Blunt Force Trauma!\”