Britt Nicole: The Remixes review

Remix albums can be tough to do well. They\’re a dime a dozen and it seems like more artists and bands are releasing them as a way to fill the time in between albums. However, when done they can be some of the most fun and entertaining listening experiences anywhere.

That\’s exactly what The Remixes- the latest from Britt Nicole is. Not only does she remix some of her most popular and favorite songs from Say It, The Lost Get Found and Gold, but she makes them virtually new songs altogether.

While the songs each keep their classic, happy, joyful Britt Nicole-poppy-vibe, the songs are almost unrecognizable and Nicole brought in just the right people to ensure each song gets a fair reworking but keeps their original essence at the same time- something that can be hard to do.

While The Remixes doesn\’t offer up any original song material, you get the feeling of listening to an all-new record. This is a great way to tide fans over until Nicole\’s next studio album drops.

Rating: 8/10

-Reggie Edwards