Audio Adrenaline- Kings & Queens review

\"\" by Reggie Edwards Audio Adrenaline is back! That’s right, the legendary Christian rock band who brought us numerous number 1 hits is finally back after a long hiatus brought about by front man Mark Stuart’s vocal issues. March 2013 brings us the epic comeback record, Kings & Queens. Kings & Queens is a very interesting record as far as Audio Adrenaline is concerned. There’s the obvious difference in vocal quality, as Kevin Max, formerly of DC Talk fame, is now at the helm taking over for Stuart. The lone original member in the band is bassist Will McGiniss but I think this gives Audio A a fresh sound and fresh start. Toward the end of their tenure before, their material was nowhere near as good as it once was. So how can we tell it’s Audio A with this new lineup? One thing they’ve always been good at is bringing that funky rock sound- that rock sound that makes you wanna get up, jump, move, dance and whatever other movements you can think of. Then there’s the songs right in the middle that tone it down and bring that inspirational Christian message as well. Songs like “He Moves You Move,” “King of the Comebacks,” and “Fire Never Sleeps” all have that classic upbeat Audio Adrenaline sound while the title track, “Kings & Queens,” has the softer tone you’d see in an “Ocean Floor-“ type song. Kings & Queens definitely has those aspects to it. This is, without a doubt, an Audio Adrenaline album. One of the better ones as well, especially considering all the hype there is leading up to it.   With Kings & Queens, Audio A brings us a new sound, a fresh outlook on their career and a breath of fresh air. Rating: 9/10