Zed- Desperation Blues review

\"Zed- by Reggie Edwards Zed’s upcoming Desperation Blues record captures the very essence of what a rock album should be from an up-and-coming band. The cover is a very dark, ominous and tantalizing photo that makes you want to turn the cd on- that’s what got me interested. Then when you hit the opening song, “Please,” it’s very clear where the album title comes from. This is a straight up blues rock album- and a damn good one at that. Zed pour their heart out on this album and it’s refreshing. Not many bands are doing that these days and that’s contributed to a very dull rock scene in a lot of ways However, this album also shows why the rock industry is starting to come back up- bands like Zed putting out albums that are very personal and heart-wrenching. Desperation Blues has everything you could want from a rock album or a blues album in one. Go get this record or you’re missing out- seriously Rating: 8.8/10