Young Sha – Sincerely Yours

\"Sincerelyby: Jerad Ford

Although there are many high points in Young Sha’s mixtape, “Sincerely Yours,” the mixtape as a whole needs to be narrowed down to about half the tracks and embrace quality over quantity.

Sha already sounds a lot like Jay-Z at time so he needs to lay off the “uhhs” and other stereotypical rap soundbytes.

While there were a lot of solid beats on the mixtape, there were also a lot of jacked up or whack beats as well. I don’t mean to be a jerk, but this isn’t my first rodeo. I’ve heard much better in college dorms, government-sanctioned housing units other places.

Young Sha can rap well with smart rhymes, there’s no question about it. He just needs to structure his lines more fluidly and drop some more hooks, like in the track produced by Swift D.

Sha has mad potential and this is very evident throughout the majority of the mixtape. He has some great beats and rhymes. He just needs to do more to utilize his potential and ambition.

The next mixtape or record Young Sha does has the potential to have oneness between solid beats and a smart flow, and this should be expected from the next product of his time in the lab.