Yigga Digga review

If you ask the band Yigga Digga about their name, they will smile and explain to you that a Yigga Digga is the sound made from one’s mouth for the purpose of describing a guitar riff. Make note, a wunk chunka is different from a Yigga Digga. The Pittsburgh, Pa.  band came together in 2006 with a simple mission plan. To bring some kick ass metal to the Burgh and have a damn good time doing it. If you read their Facebook bio, it is obvious that the band has a sense of humor about the music the create. Music that can be best described as vintage old school trash metal. With a some what James Hetfield vocal delivery. The band is, Tom Davis (Dillon) – vocals & guitar, Chris Semonik – lead guitar, Randy Pringle – bass and Bill Beggs – drums and their stunning self titled debut is a force majure of classic metal. The album starts out incredibly strong. The groovetastic riff of “Raising The Brow” sounds like it was written by Dave Mustaine himself. Up next is “Black”, which reminds me of “Garage Days Inc.” era Metallica and is one of the highlights of the cd. “Put The Nova In The River” sounds like something from the “Inhaler” cd by Tad and “Dead Calm” has C.O.C. “Deliverance” vibe to it. “Oedipus Assassin” would find itself in good company on the Megadeth “Countdown To Extinction” album and “Fear” is a classic Anthrax style jam. From there, the cd kicks into high gear with “I Am”. The track is reminicent of anything from “Kill Em’ All” by Metallica. “All Around You” should have been on the Down cd “NOLA’. “Lamb” is another tune that sounds a lot like something off the Anthrax cd “Spreading The Disease”.  “Hemp Rope Necktie” could have been on “The Ritual” by Testament and has a killer video for it online. “Bad Vibe” walks a fine line between C.O.C. and Megadeth and features some extemely impressive guitar work. The disc closes with “Rectal Theory” and “Buy A Shirt. Both are catchy little ditties that show more of the bands humorus side. Good luck getting the line “If you don’t shit you’ll die” out of your head. Here’s the bottom line. The song writing on this cd rivals that of any mainstream metal act out there and the production is sleek and exceptionaly well done. If you like melodic thrash metal with a Black Sabbath edge then this is the band for you. The band is currently in the studio doing pre-production for their next album and it is set to break big, so don’t miss the tour bus. Another album just shy of 9, but a very solid 8 out of 10. Eric Hunker