XUL: Extinction Necromance review

Black Metal fans, get ready- XUL is ready to take over the world and their latest record, Extinction Necromance– may help them do just that. In the vein of bands like Behemoth and Immortal, XUL could be the next big thing in the genre and Extinction Necromance is the perfect follow up to their last record- Malignance and picks up right where they left off a few years ago. At just four songs, the album clocks in just under 30 minutes and will suck you in from the opening of “Frozen, We Drown.” “Orbit of Nemesis” was the first track released from the record and its obvious why- it’s so awesome it will literally steal your soul. This one shows the very essence of what Extinction Necromance is. “Chaos Requiem” may be the most melodic on the album-until you get to the final track- but still finds a way to stay true to the black metal roots XUL has become so revered for- plus, it doesn’t take long for it to kick into one of the most extreme tracks on the record too. Closing with “Summon the Swarm,” the record comes to a sinister, haunting close. This one features the most melodic opening on the record- one of the most peaceful they’ve done yet as well- but doesn’t take long until it blasts you so hard it will ravage your insides. When it’s all said and done, XUL will actually own your soul. Rating: 9/10 -Reggie Edwards