XFactor1- Famous.Last.Words

\"\" by Reggie Edwards XFactor1’s latest record, Famous.Last.Words, is definitely one to check out if you have the time. I didn’t know what to expect from these guys, being newly signed, but I was pleasantly surprised. They don’t bring us anything revolutionary or out-of-this-world new with Famous.Last.Words, but they do give us a great rock experience. I found myself so many times just zoning out and jamming during this one, especially during their cover of “The Stroke,” a very interesting choice of cover. XFactor1 is no stranger to the scene, either, touring with Mushroomhead around the country in 08 and playing Rock on the Range in 2009 as the only unsigned band at the festival (and that’s just a small portion of what they’ve done) There’s no doubt XFactor1 know what they’re doing, Famous.Last.Words, shows us this first-hand. They start off strong with “Bring It On” then show us a softer side with “Over and Out” then blast us with songs like “You Suck” (I wasn’t big on this one but it definitely rocks) or “Shadow of Desperation.” If you want an album that will rock you and that is loaded with songs that could become quick hits on radio or Sirius Octane’s countdowns, this is definitely one for you to check out. Rating: 7/10