WWE Results: NXT from Osaka, Japan 12.28.16

Results courtesy of Wrestlezone.com The Big News: Shinsuke Nakamura has unbelievably won the NXT Championship…oh wait. I\’ve said that before. The Medium News: DIY defeated Akira Tozawa & Tajiri in the show stealer. The Little Beaver-sized News: Nia Jax may be unstoppable on Raw, but Asuka easily stops her on NXT, as the Empress of Tomorrow beat Jax for the second time. ********** So before we begin this week, will it ever be explained why the shows aired in the order they did? Why didn\’t they air Osaka on the 14th, Australia on the 21st, and the shows that aired those two weeks afterwards? Instead, I get to review shows out of chronological order and whose results have already been talked about on TV. **********

Oney Lorcan defeated Andrade “Cien” Almas

This is a rematch from the dark match from NXT TakeOver: Dallas, when they were known as Manny Andrade and Chris Girard. Almas came out in his La Sombra mask before unmasking for the match. If you are a fan of chinlocks and headlocks, then the first half of this match is the match for you. Both men made excessive use of rest holds. Things picked up when they finally stood up. Lorcan hit a running blockbuster for a two count. The fans were very much into this match once the men stopped with the rest holds. Lorcan did several corner charges, but on the third one he got hip tossed into the corner. Lorcan used an exploder suplex from the top rope to get the win. That was surprising. Lorcan now has wins over Almas and Tye Dillinger. **********

Peyton Royce & Billie Kay defeated Liv Morgan & Aliyah

This match seemed at times to be an excuse for Corey Graves to tell every New Jersey joke he knows. Morgan took Royce for a ride when she slapped on a body scissors and then rolled all over the ring, getting about a dozen one-counts during the second that Royce\’s shoulder was on the mat. The heels got the heat on Aliyah. After what seemed like hours of getting the heat, Morgan got the hot tag and ran wild on both ladies. Aliyah, who just got her butt kicked for two weeks, ran back in like a house on fire. It didn\’t matter, however. Aliyah got thrown out of the ring and Kay pinned Morgan after a bulldog onto Royce\’s knee. Has anyone else noticed Aliyah fails at almost everything she tries on TV? **********

NXT Tag Team Champions DIY defeated Tajiri & Akira Tozawa to retain their titles

This was the first match where it seemed like the wrestlers involved were going out of their way to have a great match, as opposed to a house show match. Tozawa, who has yet to have a match on 205 Live, is here teaming with Tajiri to challenge for the seven pounds of gold. All four men worked as babyfaces. Tozawa at times was more of a tweener, but never a full blown heel. Tozawa and Ciampa traded hard knife edge chops, much to the delight of the crowd. A four-way brawl broke out with Tozawa hitting multiple suicide dives to the champions on the outside. Tozawa actually took most of the match for his team. Tajiri would get in here and there, but it was mostly his partner. Tajiri did get Gargano down and go for the Kick of Death, but Gargano rolled out of the way and kicked Tajiri in the head. Tozawa used a deadlift delayed German suplex and a bicycle kick to the back of Ciampa\’s head, but Ciampa took his head off with a clothesline and a powerbomb onto his knees. Finally, DIY retained the gold with the running knees to Tozawa. **********

NXT Women\’s Champion Asuka defeated Nia Jax to retain her title

Jax was unsuccessful in her first attempt at defeating the Empress of Tomorrow, back at NXT TakeOver: The End, but will tonight be her night? Spoiler: No. No, it won\’t. They tried to work a match that made you think Jax had a chance, but no one believed that she would be taking the title to Raw. The match was solid, but again, nothing you wouldn\’t see at a house show. They did have a rough spot in the middle where Jax went for a Samoan drop but something went wrong and they fell on each other. Asuka got on a kneebar that Jax sold like near death…until she got out of it. Then it was like it never happened. The Japanese crowd watches too much NXT, as when Asuka was being counted out they chanted “10” for each number. Asuka went for every submission she knows, but Jax not only didn\’t tap, but somehow turned a triangle choke into a powerbomb. Asuka moved out of the way of a corner splash and chopped down Jax, before winning with a roundhouse kick. **********

Shinsuke Nakamura defeated NXT Champion Samoa Joe to win the title

They aired the full match this time, as opposed to the condensed version that they did three weeks ago. At one point, Joe removed the top half of the steps outside the ring, which wasn\’t aired the first time and they eventually came back to it later. Joe worked over the knees of Nakamura, which made the match make more sense. The match was better the second time around, as you got to see everything, as opposed to earlier. Nakamura won with the Kinshasa to win the NXT Championship for the second time. Until next week, thank you all for reading and remember to say your vitamins and take your prayers!