WWE Raw preview for 2/2/15: The Road to Wrestlemania kicks off tonight

It\’s been two weeks since we had an in-ring episode of RAW and a lot of WWE fans are waiting eagerly for tonight\’s episode- the first since before January\’s Royal Rumble PPV, which ended it controversy and saw a huge uproar and backlash over the outcome. It had been rumored since July 2014 that Roman Reigns would win the Rumble match and many fans were hoping that wouldn\’t be the case, feeling Reigns isn\’t ready for a WWE title shot and reign, which is what\’s rumored to happen at Wrestlemania next month against Brock Lesnar. A lot of fans were also hoping Daniel Bryan would win the match or at least go deep into the match- but when he was eliminated pretty early on, many fans lost interest and started booing throughout the rest of the match With the RAW matches postponed until tomorrow and Smackdown featuring what was originally scheduled for RAW, the stage is set for a few angles and programs we can look forward to. There\’s also a special announcement coming from Triple H- one he said on Smackdown we can expect to shake the very foundation of the WWE. So what\’s the special announcement? We\’ve already heard Daniel Bryan won\’t be inserted into the Wrestlemania Main Event for the second year in a row and that WWE won\’t be giving into the fans this year so what could it be? WWE posted a photo of Dean Ambrose on Instagram on Sunday, teasing that “The Lunatic Fringe” would be a factor in the big news, so perhaps he could be inserted into the WWE World Heavyweight Title match. That would certainly add spice to the recipe- Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns vs. Dean Ambrose in a Triple Threat? Maybe Hunter will be adding Seth Rollins as well. We all saw the outstanding display Rollins put on at the Royal Rumble and it would definitely make for a hell of a match if all three former Shield members were pitted against each other for the first time and it was in a title match at Wrestlemania against Brock Lesnar. There\’s also a chance Ambrose could become a Special Guest Referee for the title match between Reigns and Lesnar. As great as that would be, it would be even better if there was some sort of stipulation or specialty match created for the bout- maybe Hell In A Cell, TLC, Ladder or some sort of crowd-drawer of that sort? Not only did Triple H tease a big announcement but he also challenged Sting to a face-to-face at this month\’s PPV- Fast Lane. With Sting\’s current deal calling for just four appearances, he\’s already made two of those so Fast Lane could very well be the last time we see the face-painted legend before Wrestlemania- where he\’s expected to face Triple H. After the Royal Rumble, we saw John Cena and Rusev face off and it\’s since been announced that the two will be facing off at Fast Lane. With how much Cena has been booed by the WWE fans, WWE Creative almost has to put Cena in a match with Rusev if they want to keep him as the fans\’ favorite wrestler and the Face of the WWE. It\’s also been a year or so since Rusev debuted and he\’s been undefeated without being pinned or submitted this entire time. If you look back through history- whether it be Roman Reigns, Goldberg or any other superhuman superstar- it usually takes about a year or so for them to be defeated for the first time. Who better to hand Rusev his first actual loss than John Cena- the closest comparison to Hulk Hogan there is today. In the 80\’s and early 90\’s, Hogan was popular mostly with the younger fans- urging them to say their prayers and eat their vitamins. Today we have Cena telling the youngsters to never give up. Finally, it\’s been rumored that The Undertaker may indeed be returning for one last match at Wrestlemania 31 and he\’s said to be facing Bray Wyatt. That\’s why we\’ve been seeing Wyatt in a bigger spotlight and why he\’s been having stronger showings lately- most recently in the Royal Rumble match. Could we see the return of The Undertaker tonight too? One thing\’s for sure- even if the WWE\’s storylines lack something special for a few months, you can always count on something special and something awesome on The Road to Wrestlemania. We\’ll all just have to tune in tonight on USA at 8/7c.