WWE Monday Night War: Volume 1 DVD review

Back in the 90\’s, WWE had some major competition from WCW (World Championship Wrestling). A lot of today\’s wrestling fans were either too little to remember the days of WCW or they weren\’t even alive to see it. When the WWE Network launched last year, one of the programs they debuted was The Monday Night War– a mini-series that delved deep into the war between WCW and WWE. Now that the series is over, WWE has released the first volume of the series on DVD- a four disc collection that shows the first 10 episodes of the series. The selling point of the collection is that after each episode of volume 1 there\’s a sit-down interview with Sting and Triple H, moderated by Rene Young- Sting tells the WCW side and Triple H tells the WWE side, naturally. The series was critically-acclaimed for a good reason as each episode features an in-depth look at one certain aspect that made the Monday Night War so unique. Ted Turner purchasing WCW, Goldberg\’s emerging, the debut of the NWO in WCW, The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin\’s respective rises to popularity, the Cruiserweight division in WCW and talent such as Chris Jericho, Eddie Guererro, Dean Malenko, Chris Benoit and Perry Saturn jumping ship to WWE are all discussed in depth. Each interview with Sting and Triple H are very honest and very candid discussions between the two legends. If you were alive to see The Monday Night War and are old enough to remember it, this volume will bring back so many memories that you\’ll want to watch it again and you\’ll find yourself reliving one of the greatest eras in professional wrestling history. If you weren\’t there for the wars, this collection is the perfect history lesson for you. Rating: 10/10 -Reggie Edwards