WWE has some great options for The Authority return angle

With John Cena bringing back The Authority on last night\’s RAW broadcast, the landscape of the WWE has been changed once again. Just one month removed from a hellacious and dramatic traditional Survivor Series match at the PPV of the same name, it looked like we\’d finally moved on from a storyline that lasted over a year and saw no sign of coming to an end.

We saw it start in dramatic fashion at Summerslam 2013 when Triple H and Randy Orton double-crossed Daniel Bryan and saw it come to an end with Dolph Ziggler overcoming the odds, coming back from a 3-1 deficit in the Slammy Match of the Year for 2014 as well as the emerging of WCW legend Sting, who\’s been signed to WWE for a few months now.

Thought it was one of the better storylines in some time, fans were growing tired of seeing the same destruction week in and week out, the same superstars getting demolished by The Authority and an obvious power trip by one of the biggest power couples in wrestling history.
Fans were finally able to breathe a breath of fresh air and look forward to the next management storyline so, with the return of The Authority this soon after their demise, many fans are left wondering what it was all for and why there was such a buildup and outstanding end to The Authority\’s storyline.

One day removed from their return, let\’s take a moment to look at some of the possible angles the WWE could take in bringing them back so soon:

  1. Daniel Bryan\’s return

    The return of The Authority came immediately after Daniel Bryan announced his return for the 2015 Royal Rumble. We can all agree Bryan\’s WWE World Heavyweight Championship run was less than impressive. With a buildup that lasted almost 9 months and saw Bryan get brutalized and destroyed week in and week out by The Authority, we finally saw the leader of the YES! Movement get his moment at Wrestlemania 30. This was the high point of is reign, unfortunately, as his father passed away shortly after his win, which was followed by a near-career-ending injury just two months later. It\’s safe to say Daniel Bryan didn\’t have a proper title reign so bringing back The Authority could give WWE a chance to give a second wind to the Bryan-Authority angle.

  2. The tables are turned.

    It\’s no secret The Authority was on a power trip and abused their power every chance they got. Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan, John Cena, The Big Show, CM Punk, The Shield and many others all fell victim to The Authority\’s abuse. Don\’t think for one second John Cena- the man who brought The Authority back- doesn\’t have a plan. With the road to Wrestlemania beginning one week after he brought them back, rumors say there\’s a HUGE storyline planned for the first RAW of 2015. An uprising and revolution could be in the works and we could see numerous superstars coming together to make sure The Authority doesn\’t do what they did before.

  3. Superstars return on Road to Wrestlemania:

Many superstars have been out for awhile due to injury, not debuted or other obligations and could make appearances to lead the charge                   against The Authority. Randy Orton, The Undertaker, Adrian Neville, Sami Zayne, Sting and more either haven\’t debuted yet or have beein               sitting out. Also, don\’t be surprised if Kane gets frustrated with The Authority\’s favor of Seth Rollins and defects, bringing back The Big                     Red Monster.

  1. Sting

    Sting\’s WWE contract reportedly calls for six appearances. With one of them coming at Survivor Series, it\’s inevitable that we\’ll see a lot of him in 2015. Don\’t be surprised to see Vince McMahon turn on The Authority and reveal that he\’s the one behind Sting\’s appearance at the November PPV. Also, don\’t be surprised to see him compete in the Royal Rumble. Plans are reportedly to have Sting take on Triple H at Wrestlemania if The Undertaker can\’t compete so the big storyline for 2015 could see Sting leading the charge against The Authority.

No doubt fans are confused and not too happy about the Authority\’s return this soon after they were dethroned but fans were also really unhappy and bored with the Daniel Bryan-Authority storyline and didnt think it was really going anywhere. If history has taught us anything about WWE\’s angles, it\’s that they always have a longterm plan on where the angles are going.