WWE DVD Review: History of the Hardcore Championship: 24/7

Many long-time WWE fans remember and miss the days of WWE\’s Hardcore Championship. There was once a time when WWE was TV-MA, bloody, violent and not for the faint-of-heart. Over the last 15 years or so, times changed and WWE evolved with the times, which led to moving away from the edgy content. With the launch of the WWE Network in 2014, though, it opened the door for all of the archived footage from WWE\’s Attitude Era to slowly come back to the public- along with a few Best of the Attitude Era DVD\’s, which has all done very well. Obviously, there is an audience for the content and to remember some of the most talked-about Hardcore moments in WWE history, the company has released History of the Hardcore Championship: 24/7 and touches on some of the moments diehard fans love but haven\’t seen or heard about in some time. The DVD is hosted by Mick Foley, Rob Van Dam and Raven- three of the most iconic wrestlers in hardcore history and the some of the most decorated wrestlers- not just in WWE history but in wrestling history in general. Over the years, WWE has made reference to the hardcore division and has included some hardcore segments from time to time- most notoriously the annual Extreme Rules PPV event but, for the diehard hardcore fans, it just hasn\’t been the same. Enter this DVD collection and the fanbase is more than satisfied. With History of the Hardcore Championship: 24/7, we get to relive some of the lost moments that made us all happy. We see matches with Al Snow, Ken Shamrock, Steve Blackman, Hardcore Holly, and more. We also get to relive some of the most memorable storylines in Hardcore history- most notably the 24/7 rule put in place by Crash Holly. We see the birth of the Hardcore Title when Vince McMahon gave it to Mankind, who then joined the Corporation. We see Crash defending the title in a ball pit, we see him also lose the title while he\’s sleeping after paying the APA to protect him so he can get some rest. We also see the elevation of the Hardcore Title to larger stages- defended at Summerslam with Shane McMahon, at Wrestlemania, and some of the biggest stars competing for the Tile- The Rock, Kane, Big Show, Undertaker and more. After watching History of the Hardcore Championship: 24/7, it\’s impossible not to miss the storied Championship. One thing is for sure, this is the quintessential DVD collection for any fan of extreme WWE wrestling. -Reggie Edwards