WVM releases new single, Sown

Electronic musician, visual artist, and multi-instrumentalist WVM has released his Electronic Pop single \”Sown.\” Echoing both classic synth-pop masters Depeche Mode and New Order as well as the more modernized sounds of Daft Punk and The Chromatics, the Christoffer Berg (The KnifeFever Ray) mixed single was inspired by WVM\’s love of 80s Pop, while still heavily infused with his unique aural stylings.

\”Sown\” gets a lot of its inspiration from 80s Bowie and Peter Gabriel with a lot of early Prince…. but mostly it\’s just the music I want to hear, a lot of my heart and soul went into it which is why it really doesn\’t sound like any other artist other than me.\” – WVM


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At first glance, today\’s Premiere track, LA Based WVM’s newest single “Sown,” is a bouncy, deliciously electronic throwback to the heyday of 80s synth-pop, echoing the pulsating energy of A-ha and The Human League with a distinct pathos more worthy of Depeche Mode; but that would be to simplify egregiously…“Sown” is about WVM recreating the experiences of his earliest, purest forays into songwriting and production, and this shows through in its elegant simplicity. Eschewing modern over-layering and busyness, he’s refined the sound to an unadulterated essence of the genre, but with a distinctively modernized sleekness – Huffington Post


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\”The name WVM is a wavelength, everything in this reality is made of waves from the car you drive to the skin on your bones. What I love about these waves is that they can be molded into anything. The juxtaposition of the W and the M are intentional to remind me everything has it\’s opposite. The letters can stand for anything you want but it\’s just WVM.\”