Wovenwar, Kyng and Black Label Society destroy Vogue fans

Often times in metal, the hardest, most painful times can lead to pure beauty and masterpiece. When it comes to newly formed Wovenwar, this couldn’t be more true and with a new record completed, the band have taken to the road to tour with Black Label Society and Kyng.

When the short tour made a stop at Indianapolis’ Vogue Theater, the fans had come out in numbers to see Black Label Society but when the show started right on time with Kyng, the fans were delivered awesomeness on a silver platter.

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The band released their sophomore record, Burn the Serum earlier this year and have been touring nonstop in support of it. With their throwback stoner metal, it doesn’t take long to convert the uneducated and unaware into full-blooded fans and when they pulled out their cover of Van Halen’s “Hot For Teacher,” the crowd went absolutely insane and those who weren’t fans already were hooked and were bowing before Kyng.

Not long after, Wovenwar took the stage and those who knew the backstory of the band were watching intently as they felt out the band members’ new sound.

Not long into opener “All Rise,” the fans started to get into it and were becoming more and more enthralled and impressed with the band. At this particular show, the band’s self-titled debut had yet to be released so the fans didn’t know the majority of the songs outside the two singles that had been released.

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Be that as it may, Wovenwar put on one of the best sets of the night, showed fans exactly what they’re all about and left Indy with a whole new legion of fans.

At long last and after a decent wait, Black Label Society took the stage and annihilated what was left of the crowd.

Zakk Wylde took the stage like a rocket shot straight out of Hell and worked the crowd like a puppeteer and the band was in command from the beginning.

As always, Wylde’s between-song banter with the crowd was entertaining and the fans hung on every word. His 20-minute guitar solo was one of the best and most captivating solos you’ll ever see, even if you don’t like solos. He used every inch of the stage, giving every inch of the crowd a clear view.

Ending the night with Stilborn, the crowd was spent, drained and had more than gotten their money’s worth. If you get a chance to catch any of these bands on their current tour cycles, you’d be smart to do so.

-Reggie Edwards

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