Witness 7 – Worthless Made Worthy

\"Worthless by: Reggie Edwards Is “Worthless Made Worthy” is the freshman release from up-and-coming band Witness7 and offers much to the average rock and metal fan. Fronted by Jasmine Wilkerson, Witness7 is very reminiscent to an early Flyleaf. Wilkerson’s screams etch themselves onto the memory and blows listeners away; her soft singing will soothe the listener and put them at ease, much like an acoustic praise and worship session would. “Worthless Made Worthy” takes you on an 11-song roller coaster of exhilarating exuberance offering everything a metal fan could want from a new artist’s first release. With heart-pounding songs like “The Tongue” and peaceful anthems like “Now I Know,” Witness7 brings it all to the table and leaves it there for the listener to take as they want but one would be crazy not to. With “Worthless Made Worthy” Witness7 is brutally honest with their emotions. Many songs on the record serve as screaming cries of their faith, which is a breath of fresh air to see from a new band. Rating- 7/10