Wintour 2013 featuing Ionia heats up Indy\’s Emerson Theater

\"Ionia\"  by Hans Jaeger Alright guys and gals it’s time for the Wintour round up. First and foremost I must applaud everyone who played; I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of bands. However a few bands stuck out more than most. These City Limits, The Everyday Losers, Cast from Perfection, and Ionia were just a step above the rest. These City Limits came on to an almost dead audience but were still able to put on a memorable performance. I was surprised to see a band with this much talent on so early in the show. They’ve managed to put together a nice blend of softer catchy hooks, a touch of the blues, and some post-hardcore.  Short of a small lack of energy from the band (not surprising due to the lack of energy from the crowd) it was a solid performance.  Be on the look-out for these guys in the future. The Everyday Losers came on late in the evening. They came on with great stage presence and a great sound. They managed to pull the first bit of real energy from the crowd all night. They showed off a nice mix of grungy style vocal on top of solid guitar and great bass riffs. Not to mention a new drummer that held steady throughout. They had a certain way of playing to the audience that is rarely seen at this stage of a band’s career. Cast from Perfection put on a heavy balls-to-wall performance. The small crowd actually became a notable size once these death metal behemoths came on stage. It was a true spectacle of 7-string guitars and a 5-string bass putting together some killer riffs, with monstrous vocals ranging from spine chilling shrieks to ground rumbling growls. It was refreshing to see that new bands are still coming up in the heavier genre of metal. Finally we come to Ionia. They were by far the most well put together band of the evening. Even with the mix being slightly off they put on a mesmerizing performance. They had a much softer touch to the music than most of what had played through the night. However I will take this moment to apologize to the band for half of the crowd leaving just before they came on stage. The earlier birds missed out on a magnificent showing from these guys. All in all it was a solid tour, one which is still in full-swing, so make sure you get out and catch Wintour 2013.