Wilson mainman talks \’Full Blast Fuckery\’ and touring

Wilson may be one of the most energetic and entertaining bands on the rise right now. Their upcoming album, Full Blast Fuckery, is set to release on July 9 and is just that- full blast fuckery- if there isn’t such a thing, they’ve created it. Wilson are born, bred and raised in the Midwest and it shows- there’s just something about the Midwest that has a blue-collar feel that exudes hard work and realism, which is exactly what kind of heat Wilson bring with their music. They aren’t your typical rock band- they have fun, say what they want, use some of the most outlandish song titles and don’t apologize for it. They’re also one of the hardest-working bands, spending most of 2012 on the road and 2013 doesn’t look like much different. They’ve already spent most of the year touring and are set to go back out on the road soon and will spend most of the remainder of the year destroying fans’s eardrums and leaving with no regrets. Wilson mainman Chad Nicefield recently sat down with The Front Row Report to talk about Full Blast Fuckery, playing with GWAR, touring and what the lifestyle is really like and more. Listen to the full interview below: