William Control: The Neuromancer review

Music is art- that’s all there is to it. However, often times the art can be overshadowed and go unnoticed by fans. Every once in awhile, though, an artist comes along who’s art is so strong and so passionate that you can’t help but notice it and love it. William Control is one of those artists. William Control’s music is different. It’s a blend of numerous genres and isn’t gonna be everyone’s cup of tea. However, his latest record, The Neuromancer, is one masterpiece of beautiful art that even those who don’t like it will admit is strongly artistic. Opening with an intro of dark spoken word, it’s obvious from the get-go we’re gonna be in for a fun ride. After the intro we’re shot right into “Adore (Fall in Love Forever),” which has a bit of a cabaret feel to it- that’s one hell of a fun way to kick off a record. The rest of the album has an 80’s and 90’s pop/dance feel to it and you won’t be able to stop the head-bobbing, dancing and everything else that will ensue from the infectious sounds coming from William Control. The dark, artistic, creative sinister lyrical content will make any fan of Marilyn Manson or Otep fall instantly in love while keeping the fans of Duran Duran and Human League happy at the same time- yes, it’s actually possible to impress both sides of fans at the same time- and that’s no easy task. The Neuromancer is a fun, entertaining, creative, gothic, diabolical fun club trip of an album that you absolutely must check out if you get a chance. Even if it’s not “your style” you’ll find something in it to love and smile about. Rating: 8/10 -Reggie Edwards