Wildcat! Wildcat! bring wild show to Indy

With the freezing temperatures outside and the toasty venue inside, it was a night of contrasts when Wildcat! Wildcat! made a recent stop at Indy’s Hi-Fi. Maybe it was the weather, or maybe it was the fact that it was a Monday night, but when Dinner and a Suit started the night off, there weren’t many people there to witness it. Those who were there opted to stay seated during the set, but once the music started it seemed that all small talk had vanished. It was going to take quite a while to generate some enthusiasm from the show-goers, but there certainly wasn’t a lack of interest. And for good reason too- there was something absolutely captivating about the ethereal soundscapes created by the deep tom beats and shimmering guitar tones that perfectly cradled lead singer Jonathan Capeci’s vocals. [lg_slideshow folder=\”2014/Wildcat Wildcat/Dinner and Suit/\”] This dream-like atmosphere was further enhanced by the lighting the band had set up, which fit the venue so perfectly I assumed it was the venue’s until I saw the band breaking it down after their set. One of the coolest features of the Hi-Fi is the wall immediately behind the stage that’s covered in soundfoam panels, giving the small venue an incredibly unique look. The way the light illuminated the wall and stage made the entire thing feel somewhat other-worldly as the band played the entirety of their latest EP ‘Stay’ as well as a good amount from 2012’s release ‘Since Our Departure’. As Dinner and a Suit packed up, I settled in for what I assumed would be a relaxing night. …but Sun Club had something much different in store! After a short intermission, the Baltimore-based band took the stage with such force that I found myself wondering if spontaneous combustion had ever occurred on stage, because it definitely seemed to be a possibility. There were strange dance moves, yells and wails, constant jumping, and perfectly timed head-banging in total unison…and that was just the first song! Experiencing Sun Club is like taking The Kooks and early Los Campesinos!, merging them together, and turning the energy up to 11. Their set was chaotic and full of flashing lights- they even switched on a strobe light at one point- and so much movement that it seemed the small stage wouldn’t be able to contain them. What quickly became evident, though, is that they weren’t wild and crazy (and occasionally totally indecipherable, even when simply speaking!) to cover up a lack of musical talent. Despite their young age, the musicality was totally on point- they manage to put on a crazy show without sacrificing their sound. These guys seem to experience music on a totally different level, which made for an amazing show! [lg_slideshow folder=\”2014/Wildcat Wildcat/Sun Club/\”] After a rather abrupt end to Sun Club’s set, Wildcat! Wildcat! made their appearance. At this point the crowd had doubled- perhaps tripled in size, and people were moving toward the stage in order to secure their spot. It was a strange transition, going from the manic energy of Sun Club to the smooth synth-pop of Wildcat! Wildcat! The band started their set with “Tower // W.O.H.L”. and fans danced and swayed throughout the entirety of their set. Every time the band would go into a new song a number of cheers were let out- the crowd was hanging on every note. In one of the more memorable moments of the evening, vocalist/bassist Jesse Taylor announced that they were going to play a Paula Abdul song, and asked the audience to help out. The guys of Wildcat! Wildcat! managed to take one of the most annoyingly catchy songs of all time and turned it in to something that you actually don’t mind having stuck in your head. The band played a decent amount of tracks from 2014’s No Moon At All, which all translated remarkably well live. It would seem the vocal styling would be difficult to maintain live, but much to my surprise they pulled it off flawlessly, with all four members of the band harmonizing throughout the night. Overall it was a fantastic night of impressive performances. The initial turnout was a little low, but the venue was nearly full by the end of the night and it was clear that those who braved the freezing temperatures and the drudgery of a Monday night were definitely rewarded for it. -Ashley Adcox [lg_slideshow folder=\”2014/Wildcat Wildcat/Wildcat Wildcat/\”]