White Wizzard: The Devil\’s Cut review

\"TheClassic metal had a distinct sound. The melodic riffs and dynamic vocals of bands like Dio, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden and other bands of the like are recognizable even 30-40 years later. Few bands today can capture the essence of what classic metal truly was- White Wizzard are one of those bands. Their latest record, the upcoming The Devil’s Cut, is an ode to the classic metal bands who paved the way and pay homage to the best of the best. The opening track- an intro titled “Forging the Steel” intrigues you from the beginning and makes it clear what you’re gonna get. Then bring on the opening song, “Strike the Iron,” and White Wizzard have already put a spell on you from which you can’t break out. There are some great themes and ideas going on with The Devil’s Cut and it’s clear this is one of the best metal albums to be released in 2013. Rating: 8/10 -Reggie Edwards