We As Human review

\"WeFor the last few years, We As Human have been touring and growing a  fanbase. They\’ve toured with the likes of Skillet, Red, Disciple and others and have even played the larger-than-life Winter Jam arena tour.  Here\’s the kicker- their studio full-length debut is just now being released. Released under Atlantic Records and Hear it Loud (John Cooper\’s independent label), We As Human\’s self-titled debut record will have any fans of rock music quaking at the knees. This record has every ounce of rock-injected punch-you-in-the-face attitude the band brings to the stage- it\’s just on CD. This is the epitome of what rock music is missing these days. Songs like \”Zombie,\” which features Skillet\’s John Cooper is one of their craziest live songs and when put on CD it couldn\’t work better. There\’s also a guest appearance from former Flyleaf frontwoman Lacey Sturm, which is an absolute must-hear. This entire record doesn\’t have one dull moment and will make those who give it a chance rushing to the next We As Human show. Forget the label of \”Christian band-\” that\’s a term that\’s losing it\’s negative connotations anyway- check out We As Human and join the party! Rating: 9/10 -Reggie Edwards