Warped Tour Haters

by: Jessica Heldebrandt \"The Everyone has heard of Warped Tour, whether they’ve been or not. I first heard of it when I was a little kid listening to Blink 182’s “The Rock Show.” I thought, what is this Warped Tour he’s talking about? Well, if you don’t get out much and don’t know, it’s a music/sports festival sponsored by Vans (the shoes, not the vehicle). It lasts from June 24th in Dallas, Texas to August 14th in Hillsboro, Oregon at venues in major cities. It features bands such as The Devil Wears Prada, 3Oh!3, Paramore, A Day to Remember, and much more. Basically, you’re looking at thousands of trendy teenagers hanging out in one place listening to all of their favorite bands. Unfortunately, I have only gotten to experience this event through the internet via videos and people’s statuses on Facebook. I get so angry at all of the better-than-everyone high school kids that say things like, “Warped is for losers,” “Warped sucks,” “Anyone who goes to Warped should just die.” I’m sure if you have been on the internet, you’ve probably seen this type of hating. \"Vans\" Those people say things like that for one of three reasons. One, they have been and hated the crowds. Two, they have been and didn’t find a band they liked. Or three, they haven’t been and are jealous of everyone who has and had an awesome time. However, the truth is, there is nothing wrong with Warped Tour. It doesn’t suck, and it isn’t for losers. Warped has so much variety in the music, that almost anyone can enjoy themselves. When the music ranges from metalcore to punk to chick rock to power pop, it’s hard to find something not to like. \"Warped It just makes me sick to get on the official Warped Tour message boards to see comments like, “Such and Such doesn’t deserve a spot on the stage!” Stop whining! Just because one specific band that YOU like that no one has ever even heard of didn’t get a spot on main stage doesn’t mean that other bands that have more fans and more votes shouldn’t have a spot. All the arguing and name calling online is disgusting. It’s cowardly. Certain people like different genres. Just because someone likes something different than you gives you no right to rag on other people’s favorite bands. If you think listening to a certain band was a waste of time, here’s a little advice for you. Warped Tour has a website. That website has a “Bands” tab. If you click on that tab, a list of all the Warped bands pops up. If you don’t see a band on that list that you like, don’t go to Warped Tour. It’s simple as that. Don’t go just so you can tell everyone how much it sucked. The point of the tour is to have fun and listen to music. It’s a place for people to go and listen to the bands that they like all in one place. If you want to see your favorite band on main stage, go to one of their shows, and get over it. … Topic Terminated.