Warbeast: Destroy review

\"Destroy\"Not too long ago Warbeast embarked on a mini-tour with Philip Anselmo and released an album with the man. Last month Anselmo released his first solo full-length album and Warbeast have followed suit with their full-length, Destroy, released in April. Destroy, produced by Anselmo and released under his label, Housecore Records, is enough to get any metal head into it from the get-go. With a blistering musical intro, Warbeast are on a clear-cut path of destruction to the top of the metal world and they’re taking down anyone and everyone that stands in their way. This is a viscous, ferocious, seething metal record that will blow your mind when you hear it. If you’re a fan of anything metal, you’re robbing yourself if you don’t check out Destroy. Rating: 9/10 -Reggie Edwards