\"\" by Reggie Edwards   Remember Wang Chung? Yes, that new wave band from the 80’s, that band. Guess what- they’re back! The band released  their first studio album in over 20 years with Tazer Up!  on December 11 of last year. Wang Chung have undergone many lineup changes but are one of those bands who just kinda stuck around and now they’re ready for a big comeback with original members Jack Hues and Nick Feldman at the helm. Tazer Up! is an ode to what once was and is very reminiscent of the band’s signature 80’s new wave sound and takes you back to the mid-80’s. From the start of opening track “City of Light,” you can close your eyes and see yourself at an 80’s dance club. This feel carries itself clear through to the end of the album. This is definitely Wang Chung, no question about it. The only criticism I have is just that- they have the signature 80’s new wave sound- a sound that’s far passed its prime and time. Though this is a good Wang Chung album, is it too late for the band? Does anyone still listen to new wave? Don’t lie though, when “Everybody Have Fun Tonight” comes on the radio, you dance. Don’t you? DON’T YOU! I honestly hope their time hasn’t passed; the band hasn’t lost a step over the years. This album makes it hard to believe it’s been over 20 years. Rating: 6.5/10