VRSTY Share \”Massive\” Video, Song Is Most Played At SiriusXM Octane

New York City-based collective VRSTY (pronounced \”Varsity\”) — Joey Varela [vocals], Javy Dorrejo [bass], Chris Cody [drums], and Paul Gregory [guitar] — released the Cloud City EP via Spinefarm Records on December 4. The band has just dropped the video for the new track \”Massive.\” Watch it here. \”The \’Massive\’ music video is perfect for what the song is actually trying to say,\” says Varela. \”It\’s us in a dark room, performing, loving what we do, and having fun as it\’s always been. Just us.\” Varela previously shared the song\’s inspiration, saying, \”\’Massive\’ is literally all of my frustrations coming to the surface. It\’s years of doing favors and helping other\’s elevate their careers — only to be told I\’m just a copy of \’insert whatever vocalist here\’ or to be called a background player. Not this time. I remember writing \’Massive,\’ and the only thought in my head was, \’They don’t take you seriously — but they\’ll wish they did.\’\” The song is currently the most played track at SiriusXM\’s Octane for the second week in a row. VRSTY\’s music unexpectedly blends metallic grooves and R&B vocal swagger. The band has been grinding in the scene for over five years now, releasing the Lights EP in 2015 and heading on tour to earn their road stripes. They dropped Blck and Blck Deluxe in 2019, with \”YOU & I\” (over 412k Spotify streams), \”Colorblind\” (over 310k Spotify streams), and \”Nola\” (over 278k Spotify streams) quickly establishing themselves as indie fan favorites. The band has tallied over 2 million total streams and looks to open things up even more with the Cloud City EP, which serves as its Spinefarm Records debut.