Volbeat, Danko Jones and Spoken play memorable show to sold out Fort Wayne

\"Volbeat by Hans Jaeger From 50’s ballads to modern metal, the boys from Denmark have arrived. That’s right- Volbeat- the Danish hard rockers are on the scene and seem to be here to stay. The Front Row Report had a chance to see them at, one of many sold at shows, in Fort Wayne- and what a show it was. The night opened with long time Christian metal act Spoken. The moment they graced the stage, the anticipation from the crowd was already palpable. As they began to play the energy in the room exploded and the crowd was ready for more. They even managed to get the crowd chanting for Volbeat. It was a wonderful start to a night full of great music. \"Spoken\" Next up was Canadian rockers Danko Jones. Named after their frontman, this band was a surprise straight out of left field. With an absolutely amazing amount of stage presence this larger than life band spent their set getting the crowd turned on with such favorites as “Lover’s Call” and getting the crowd absolutely riotous for Volbeat. \"Danko Then finally it was time for the band of the hour, Volbeat. They took the stage immersed in blue light, and a western motif sprawled across their amps. They opened with Hallelujah Goat, a classic from Guitar Gangsters and Cadillac Blood. As they played the stage had 3 microphones up, simply for their lead singer, Michael Poulsen, to play to every person in that crowd. With a fierce amount of stage presence Volbeat put on a show to be remembered. \"Volbeat\" They managed to cover all of the crowd favorites along with a few rarities. In one particularly memorable moment they pulled Danko Jones himself up to cover “Angelfuck” by The Misfits. All in all it was a fantastic show. If you didn’t get a chance to catch this tour, don’t hesitate to go to the nearest show!